EKA, an electric vehicles& technology company, launched by Pinnacle Industries

New Delhi: Cities and Businesses will now have sustainable electric mobility solutions that are more robust, reliable and profitable. EKA, an automotive & technology company is launched to bring sustainable, profitable & efficient electric commercial vehicles & solutions to accelerate the mass adaptation of EVs globally. EKA is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries, India’s leading automotive seating, interiors & specialty vehicles company, and is also one of the approved applicants of the Government of India’s Auto PLI scheme.

EKA is reinventing the design philosophy and manufacturing of electric commercial vehicles by developing sharable technologies, to democratize EV’s with best-in-class TCO (total cost of ownership) Solutions and a sustainable ecosystem. EKA will design, manufacture, and supply a complete range of Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Electric vehicles, and alternative fuel vehicles. The brand will also house components assembly and manufacturing, EV traction systems, EV energy storage systems, etc., going forward.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman, Pinnacle Industries & EKA said,“EKA means ‘being together’ and to ‘become one’. EKA is committed to transforming businesses with its core values of Environment Focus, Conscious Innovation, and Reliable Mobility. With EKA, our vision is to enable India to become one of the leaders in commercial electric mobility. EKA will open a new ecosystem of technology, manufacturing, and distribution to various parts of the country. This know-how and resources will be shared to reduce costs further and increase the viability of EV adoption.”

“We are focusing on making the commercial vehicle electric mobility thrive on sustainability and offering lowest TCO solutions, making it good for businesses and environment collectively. We want to Make Indiaone of the global leaders in EV products & technologies with our latest initiative, Bharat Ki EKA”he further elaborates.

With a vision to produce & share EV technology for mass adaptation, EKA is getting ready to introduce its first set of EV buses and LCVs to the market in the coming months. Going forward, the company will also be introducing a revolutionary smart lean factories approach, that will allow the utilization of existing infrastructure to create global EV revolution. EKA’s solutions are designed to create an impact that is focused on conserving resources with excellent value creation. The brand’s product range will include commercial 
battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) & fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).

EKA is developing electric &alternate fuel commercial vehicles, designed to help increase range, lower operating costs, offering the best returns while helping businesses, Government & operators,  achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Enabled with pioneering new digital technology, it will allow a custom fleet management system as well.

Another key offering by EKA is their pioneering smart lean factory approach that requires minimum investment compared to conventional automobile manufacturing factories. This is achieved by designing the products in a way that eliminates large investments, including painting infrastructure and large fixtures. This revolutionary approach will reduce inventory and infrastructure costs and optimise logistics. EKA’s decentralised manufacturing concept will have a smaller footprint and can be also be deployed in existing facilities.