Dowry: A Social Virus

Dowry is a deep rooted dogma projecting the reflection of a complex society. It has been bolstered since ages by the name of tradition, culture, religion and mythology. Dowry, a social virus which has been systematically structured and consequently poisoned the lives and status of women in society disorder with the course of time .

Notwithstanding that there had been an enormous amount of effort to spread awareness among people, implementing amendments, and to make use of the legislation by several NGOs, social activists and feminist groups, the age old phenomenon rather changes its form but get eradicated.

In the course of time, many traditions and norms have been engraved or subdued. The factors that keep the dowry system sustained are majorly connected with people’s greed which they have given different perspectives such as respect or status of the family. This practice is an amalgamation of social pressure, and individual greed of people. As a result the women are devalued in terms of their productivity, investment of time, energy and emotions. Eventually the issues like gender discrimination and violence against women are the wings of different misogynistic ideologies shich have been attributed through various socio-cultural practices.

The brutality on women caused by this social virus is inevitably grueling appalling. As this practice is executed by the well structured social, cultural and religious institutions this also has a symbolic impact on the caste and class hegemony . The functional divisions and variations between the caste and class system in our society has been an additional burden for the women.

Dowry claims numerous amount of mortality every year across the country. Having declared as giving or taking dowry is a crime , this evil is rampant in society. Now it is high time this practice should face a complete annihilation. The young minds should condemn the practice rather than supporting and swaying along with the age old ideology. It is evident that the eradication of dowry system can help bringing an equitable society for women.