Forced Occupancy of Lands in Dhenkanal

Bhubaneswar: Land mafias are rampant in and around Dhenkanal and its suburbs.  They are illegally occupying government lands by manipulating the procedures.  Afterwards those lands are being sold and resold illegally.  These businesses are working so smoothly by the help of a few corrupt employees in within the system. Though these things are going on within the vicinity of the government but there has not been any suitable action taken. As a result it’s being more and more active day by day. After the government and forest lands getting forcefully occupied by these mafias, roads and slums are made their freely.  The administration has not taken any action against then but rather supplying them roads, water and electricity.  It is alleged that locals, people from within and outside the district along with Bangladeshi refugees are involved in this. In future these refugees are going to be a threat for increasing crimes in the district.

The land mafias and coerced occupants have been using Dhenkanal district as a safe tits. Because the government is not paying any heed towards it.  They have been residing there since years by cutting down forests and hills. Especially in the coastal areas of the district these people have built houses with forced occupancy of forest lands. Initially they build a house of thatched roof for a temporary use then build permanent cement houses. The local people help them in this. The local people earn a handsome amount of money by plotting and selling these forest lands to them with the help of some corrupt officials.  These land sellings and buildings are made without any official paper work.  Slums are being built here illegally. Later these slum dwellers are successfully availing voter cards, adhat cards and ration cards etc. Some of the settlers say they come from Medinpur area which others say they come from the coastal areas including Kendrapara.

Among them many Bangladeshi refugees earlier were residing in the coastal areas and now have headed towards Dhenkanal.  The most ironic thing is these slums are provided electricity connections and municipality is building roads for them. The administration is questioned that how can illegally constructed slums get the facilities of electricity, roads and water supply by the government.  There are no investigations on these refugees and who has come from where. It can be a serious threat to the state’s safety in future due these refugees and their illegal occupancy.