AMRI Bhubaneswar turned Manipal Hospital

Bhubaneswar: After 8 months of the acquisition, Manipal Hospital Group had done its official announcement in Bhubaneswar today. Manipal Hospitals, the second-largest hospital chain in India, announced the successful brand integration of a 400-bed AMRI unit in Bhubaneswar, which was acquired in September 2023.
Starting from 22 May 2024, the service excellence at these facilities will be aligned with Manipal Hospitals’ standards, marking a significant milestone in healthcare transformation in East India.
Shri Partha Das, Chief People Officer of Manipal Hospitals, expressed enthusiasm for this strategic integration, said “This integration represents a pivotal stride toward our objective to enhance healthcare delivery across East India. By seamlessly blending the expertise of Manipal Hospitals with the rich legacy of AMRI, we are not only committed to providing exceptional care to our patients but also fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence among our employees. This integration also signifies the harmonization of employee policies, ensuring a unified and supportive environment across all facilities. We are proud to extend our commitment to quality care and employee well-being throughout the region.”
Dr Sudhakar Kantipudi, Cluster Director, Bhubaneswar & Vijayawada, said“I am delighted to witness the integration of the AMRI unit into Manipal Hospitals, heralding a new era of healthcare excellence in Bhubaneswar. This strategic move underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionize the healthcare landscape in Odisha, ensuring that our patients receive world-class treatment without the need to travel far.”
Dr.Saktimaya Mohapatra, Hospital Director, in Bhubaneswar, emphasized the significance of this move, saying, “The integration of AMRI with Manipal Hospitals underscores our commitment to expanding access to high-quality healthcare across the country. With Manipal’s renowned service excellence now at the forefront, we are poised to set new benchmarks in patient care and satisfaction, furthering our mission of delivering compassionate and advanced healthcare solutions to the communities we serve.”