Tormented Ukraine, Wretched Srilanka, Anarchist Pakistan

Bhubaneswar: Our immediate neighbours, Srilanka and Pakistan are burning with violence and anarchy. There are various reasons for this erratic situation in both countries. Srilanka has been overburdened with the debt taken from China. Due to the high inflation rate and financial disruption, the people of the country have been struggling to live sound life. The unlikely price rises of the everyday essentials like petrol, cooking gas etc have broken the backbone of the people there. The situation of anarchy prevails resulting from the economic crisis, despite all the effects of the President of the Rajapakse family, the prime minister, many high ranking officials, and authorities. A serious constitutional crisis has embarked after the resignation of all the ministers. India has supplied some amount of patrol to Srilanka. Though it seems nothing considering the huge dearth there, it is the part of assisting from India’s side.

Pakistan is going through an unusual constitutional crisis. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has been playing many tricks. He is not ready to leave the position even after his government becomes the minority. He alleges that the opposition has been led by foreign conspirators and trying to destabilise his government. In this order, the matter has gone on to the Supreme Court of Pakistan about conducting an election within three months. China has also given a hefty amount of loans to Pakistan as well. China has drowned the economy of both Pakistan and Srilanka in the burden of debts. It will be a serious challenge not just for Imran Khan, but for the new government how to deal with the imminent crisis by breaking the National Assembly. But the bigger challenge would be for both these future governments to release Pakistan from the cage of debt. It is well known that China is a big moneylender. China continues to spread its debt strategy including Nepal and Bangladesh, only intending to collect interest at an inflated price.

It has been almost 45 days since Russia declared war against Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has demolished the whole of Ukraine. Thousands of soldiers have lost their lives and innumerable war weapons have been destroyed by the Ukrainian Army. the Russian President has created such a heinous massacre, in the insistence on not being a part of the NATO, will never be forgiven. Although America and other NATO member countries as well as the European Union are helping Ukraine but have not yet provided any direct military assistance. Putin has been continuing this massacre of Ukrainian military and civilians by deploying his loyal Chechen troops in the Bucha regions. The barbaric Chechens are the loyalists of Putin and have no comparison to their brutality. No one knows how long this situation will be so.

Ukraine has turned into a skeleton, Srilanka has become wretched, and it is all the more startling to see the storm of anarchy distorting Pakistan. Only time will tell how India will strategize on a diplomatic base. Our economy is being affected gravely. The price of petrol and diesel has increased eight times in ten days. Soon after the assembly election in five states, the price of fuel started soaring. The price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, edible oils and vegetables are rising in an equal manner. Let alone helping other countries, it is becoming a challenge to manage our economy. The Covid-19 pandemic had already spiked the rate of inflation, the war has again added mileage to the price hike. The common people are breaking their heads to get out of this situation.