The Narratives Western Media Creates against India; the Impact of puts on India

In a media field, individuals are the central part. In storytelling, content creation etc is about people, from people, you the people. There are two parts to this. In today’s time, there is the theory of the paradox of plenty. There is an explosion of content in the world. When information or content is plentiful, attention is scarce. People are overwhelmed with what they see. So their focus is mingled. Then they will turn to the queue givers, which could be editors, influencers, thought leaders, etc. These people will tell them that what is important to watch and rest is trash, clutter or background noise. These are the people who build credibility. Son if you have credibility, people will come to you, listen to what you are saying and focus on things that you say are important. Because individuals have that attraction.

Secondly, individuals with their vision and potential should ideally create institutions that outlast them. That imbibes their ethos, ideas and vision which will translate to their teams. The institutions are important because nothing lasts forever. People evolve, and content evolves. Every idea has its right time to click and not everything remains relevant forever. So it is important to create institutions. It does not appear successful at present but someone had to at it for a product to be ready in a couple of years down the line.

Women’s issues get very limited views in today’s time. Mostly 80 percent of the news audience is male. Women should also be interested in world affairs, wars, politics, and elections because their life is also affected by these matters. Matters like domestic violence, pay parity, abortion etc should not be the only areas for women to watch.

The Western soft power still controls the narratives on world view.  India remains way behind in this field and is being criticised and questioned for every action. Unfortunately, some of the country fellows are still seeking freedom mentally from the colonial powers. They need validation for your system from the West, about what is right and wrong, perfect and imperfect. It is a sight to see on the American and European campuses, that there have been protests. In the pictures, one can see the full forces, the military in full riot gear cracking down on students. In Europe, they had a bulldozer to break up a protest. Had this happened in Delhi or Dhaka there would have been endless lectures on the government being draconian, they are not respecting the poor student’s freedom of speech. Mentioned that the protesters should also be conscious of their limits, but that is true for all the protesters everywhere irrespective of the country. You can protest within only what the law permits. When a highway is blocked in India then it is a protest for a rights cause. But it is in Canada, police will come and beat you up which should be okay because you are affecting law and order. How come these double standards operate because the West is telling us what is right and what is wrong? Some fellow citizens believe their narrative.

It is seen in the war scenario that there are two sets of people who enter a country in a war situation where all the others will be leaving the place, are the soldiers and the journalists. The difference is the soldiers are trained and equipped and the journalists on the other hand are just chasing stories. Journalists are seen hitchhiking to transport from one place to another, not having resources, and risking their lives in a war zone just to cover a story. It is very easy to criticize and trivialize the journalists sitting back at home. Having no combat training or training for reporting in a conflict zone, wearing completely inappropriate gear, and just operating for the love and passion for the job that you are doing, the journalists reporting from the war or conflict zones should be cut some slack. There are a lot of people who are out on a limb just to cover a war.

In a war the people are never a problem, it is the leader who has a certain expectation and they use people as cannon fodder. In a war situation, nothing can be judged as a black-and-white equation. There is a lot of political calculation, the role of soft power and PR at play. It is very difficult to say which side is right and which is wrong. Wars should not just go on forever, there need to stop and find a way to solutions through conversations.