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The ‘ Babri Lock ‘ Remark of the Prime Minister Turns up...

The ‘ Babri Lock ‘ Remark of the Prime Minister Turns up the Heat

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The prime minister has cast his vote in Gujarat in phase 3 of the lok sabha election. In his speech, he has lashed out at the congress party where he explains the reason behind the BJP’s need for 400 seats. One of the things he referring that he said there will be a ‘Babri lock’  in the Ram mandir if BJP does not have 400 seats.

After phase 3 of the election, it is still premature to predict the final result. There are three to four aspects one is the mandir euphoria seems to have been picked. It cannot be distantly evoked to deflect attention from other issues. The second is the constant Hindu-Muslim cacophony has reached saturation point. It can be done to a certain level but Indians by and large are not jihadis. They do not want to be in a constant endemic instability. They also have become tired of the continuous M factor which has been turned up for support. The third one is when the prime minister says that voting for the BJP to end corruption, lacks conviction and impact anymore. The party which is allegedly corrupt is asking for votes to end corruption and is not carrying any weight.  Fourthly, aftercare is very much transparent vendetta politics has begun to have resentment against the opposition. Two sitting chief ministers were put in jail after that Sanjay Singh got bail and Arvind Kejeriwal did not. Since the government is blatantly misusing the agencies to target the opposition to prevent a level playing field in election. Beyond a point, there are different loyalties, even among the BJP supporters who have been critical of the prime minister.

The fifth point is this is a very personalized election campaign from the BJP side. Even the manifesto says modi ki guarantee which certainly shows the popularity of the PM. But at the same time, it dampens the enthusiasm of the party being marginal, as BJP is never a single individual party it is always a collision. This time the party is completely sidelined. The real workers on the ground that ensure BJP (including the RSS workers) victory which are the carders are demoralised. Some stalwarts have been sidelined, the loyal party supporters and leaders are demotivated, and completely new faces are admitted and given tickets. So there is a sense of resentment within the party.
Therefore, there is a possibility that the numbers will come down for this reason.

The Ram Mandir issue is an emotionally potent matter but in politics, there is a duration point. You cannot use a matter so repeatedly to deflect attention from the real legitimate grievances of the ground. On the one hand, you say 2047 and how the problems of unemployment, inflation and poverty will be resolved. You can talk about how you will achieve the goals and do something for the common man with the blessings of Ram. Instead just talking of Hindu, Muslim, and Ram temple does not go well. When you go to the temple and speak about the ram temple, particularly in a manner of faith, sentiments, and beliefs is acceptable but when it becomes a drum up to spread hate and fear against the minority repeatedly is polarization.

The prime minister has narrowed it down to one topic of Ram temple which is overplayed. There are diminishing impacts of it. There is also the factor that if not Modi, then who remains a question. The voter needs stability. The opposition’s strategy and ability to convince the voters of their governance competition should come as an alternative. It is still attracting people to this possibility of stability at the centre. The Congress at the grassroots level. as an electorally fighting organisation is greatly decimated. Whereas the popularity of PM Modi in the urban pockets of India is comparatively high the factor being the stature of the country in the world forum. So instead of the Ram temple and Hindu Muslim narrative, the positioning of India internationally seems to be working tremendously.