Renovation of Odisha Tourism: A New Beginning


Odisha tourism is on the surge of revival after the torment of covid-19. There have been several developments regarding the reviving of tourism in the state of Odisha. The same government has recently declared the Mahendragiri Hills of the Gajapati district as a site of biodiversity. This step implies preserving habitats in deep and dense forests and plant life. As the tourism of the state is flourishing to the high after resuming its pace post covid situation, the state government is putting all the necessary efforts to spread the polarity of the natural heritages that the state has been covered with. Most of the beautiful spots are estranged and undiscovered.

The state government by introducing many interesting facilities, and sports activities have tried to attract tourists from different parts of the country. Last year in 2021, the government initiated many new water sports such as boating, parasailing, scuba diving, water skating and much more to increase tourist footfall. This has been a major boost to the tumultuous economy of the state as well after the pandemic. Likewise, the state government has been giving special attention towards the revival and renovation of tourism in Odisha. Various plans and projects have been chucked out to materialise a full-fledged tourism facility in all the attractive places in the state.

Odisha is a state, filled with plenty of flora and fauna as well as rich water bodies, that are undermined even though being extravagantly beautiful and rich in culture. It is high time the state government put its best attention to converting the locations into globalised sights by making them tourist-friendly and bringing forth the best of facilities along with we’ll equip safety protocols. Recently a new Odisha tourism policy has received a nod from the cabinet. The policy seems to aspire for the incorporation of more potential tourist destinations that the state is capable of offering. As per the new policy, the government is planning to implement more than one hundred investment proposals on the line of tourism and most of them are in action. During the make-in Odisha conclave, the state government announced various developmental proposals in direction of health and wellness tourism. Health and wellness tourism means travelling to places Asa and facilities such as clinics, hospitals, fitness centres and wellness resorts etc.

Development in medical tourism is a welcome step by the government and this field has great potential in Odisha to be providing advanced as well as world-class treatment to both national and international patients. The policy also encompasses incorporating many new tourist destinations like beach spots, Buddhist tourism, tenuous heritages, caravan, campervan, cruise, and yacht tourism etc. Through the make-in Odisha conclave, the state is initiating the renovation of the tourism sector to an advanced level.