NEP 2020: A Holistic Approach to Education

Bhubaneswar: It can be hoped that the recent evolution of Our education system should be in the direction that the young generation not only to subject and issues about the society, economy and eco-system but also should become contributors to society through their knowledge and efforts instead of only complaining about the problems or hazards. It can be anticipated that the recently passed New Education Policy (NEP) will be able to achieve this through the uniquely framed and designed structure of the education system from the pre-school, and pre-primary level.

The minds of the children are extremely pure and tender. It solely depends upon the fact of how they are being shaped and nurtured by various courses of teaching and learning process. As they are the future generations of society, it is worth mentioning here that as we sow so shall we reap. Today’s road map will lead the future path of tomorrow. The education system is the primary guiding principle which will show the route to a successful life with a holistic approach to it. The NEP was introduced in 2020 by the Narendra Modi government, setting a fundamental philosophy toward nurturing, inspiring, influencing and grooming children from every aspect.

The NEP was structured and passed after a very rigorous brainstorming and also followed by many seminars, workshops, webinars, and panel discussions conducted across the country to deliberate the nuances of the policy. The major aim of such discussions was to ponder upon the benefits and positivity that the New Education Policy would procure for the students of the nation. The policy should desirably help to empower the citizens and strengthen the young spirit of the young population to contribute to nation-building.

It is cognizant that most of our educational institutions at every level of education need substantial improvement at smaller as well as broader ranges. The NEP has been structured with the perspective to bring the required changes to our current education system. As it is water mentioned that the policy is designed to give holistic growth to the future generations of the nation, holistic education/growth means that students should be aware of the challenges, hurdles and difficulties that come in life and learn to deal with them successfully with the academic learnings. This new system of education revives the touch of ancient methods and principles of teaching and learning keeping nature, life lessons, life skills, discipline, and balance between nature and humans, respect and empathy for all creatures, self-reliance, and truthfulness characteristics comprised.

Young India should be educated about ancient history and the contribution of our historic events, their impacts on the present and how can they be regarded as resourceful for future goals and achievements. NEP will help to retreat the focus of the education system towards our Indian knowledge system to make them realise the pertinence of the Indian history, culture, society, parents, family, village, districts, state, and nation. The students should feel connected to their motherland and natives and want to contribute to their society and place. Therefore, NEP is a vision of making the education system more inclusive of life, lessons, and society taking the campaign Atmanirbhar Bharat forward.