LAccMI Scheme in Odisha: An Enchanting Step Towards Development

As the general election is around the corner, the government has again put a foot on its focus on women, farmers and agriculture. The current moment has strategies to bring about the topics on women’s empowerment, irrigation system, agriculture, rural transport, drinking and piped water facilities and infrastructure to garner the mass voting majority, especially from the rural population. The government has been introducing different projects and policies to woo the voters. By providing financial support for the women, SHG groups, make the women economically secure and independent, initiating a fresh project known as Location Accessibility Multimodal Initiative ( LAccMI) for safe transportation connectivity from rural to urban localities, the government has been heading to achieve the target of majority win in the forthcoming election. This transportation facility is proposed to provide rural dwellers transportation from their native locality to the capital city of Bhubaneswar seamlessly. This has been aimed that particular project will cover all the village panchayats, block headquarters, district headquarters, major towns in the districts and economic destinations through the bus services. More than one lakh buses are supposed to be running throughout the state by connecting all the localities barring the borders and barriers for the rural-urban set-up. This project will be valid for the coming ten years and if it turns out successful, it will be extended for another two years.

Women ‘s empowerment is going to be the utmost priority list in this project. All the Mission Shakti SHG groups will be incorporated by appointing or engaging them with various maintenance works. Along with this the schools, colleges and measure government offices are supposed to be connected through this transportation system. This scheme is going to benefit education, healthcare and economy to enhance, where providing employment opportunities for about 38000 positions keeping the SHG or Mission Shakti women at the forefront. Moreover, this scheme helps to promote tourism sector in the state, enhance public transport in the remote pockets where there is a dearth of communication and transit systems.