KALINGA Hospital organises Cyclothon on World Heart Day 

Bhubaneswar: KALINGA Hospital Ltd. (KHL) Bhubaneswar, a leading healthcare provider of Odisha observed a cycle rally (Cyclothon) to mark the occasion of World Heart Day and to make people aware of heart-related diseases. During the event, people were told about the importance of cycling for maintaining a healthy heart.

“The accomplishments of this Cyclothon event is a result of Kalinga Hospital Ltd. (KHL)’s ongoing effort to unite local communities. This Cyclothon highlights our dedication of our wellbeing of our patients and the communities we serve and emphasizes the critical necessities of paying attention towards the heart health. KHL is committed to promoting cardiovascular health for both adult & Paediatric, and we believe raising awareness is the best way to prevention.” said, Ms Nilanjana Mukherjee, Managing Director, KHL.

Senior Doctors of KHL like Dr Sudipto Acharya, Dr Binaya Bhusan Binakar, Dr Sushanta Shaila, Dr. Pankaj Mishra, Dr. Shusanta Patra & Dr Srikant Moahapatra discussed with the participants about the heart health. Cardiac problems among youth are treatable with diagnosis as well as care. The statement said that detection on time and arriving at a hospital could help in restoring the functioning of the heart properly. However, the easiest way to prevent heart ailments is by being physically active and avoiding food that could trigger obesity, high BP or diabetes.

Dr P K Mishra, Medical Superintendent, KHL said, “The increasing cases of cardiovascular diseases are a worrisome aspect and there is a need to raise public awareness regarding the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Cycling regularly is one of the easiest ways to enhance heart health as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.” “Exercising is not just about keeping fit, its about keeping the heart strong. The Cyclothon is a fun way to encourage people of all age groups to incorporate exercise in their daily routine.” Said Mr. Devee Prasad Nanda, COO, KHL. 

IRONMONK community participated the event in a big scale and requested all to commute with cycles to workplaces on every Friday.