JSW Resumes Removal Of Betel Vine Plantations In Dhinkia

Bhubaneswar: After taking a short respite for two days, the proposed JSW project has continued the removal of betel vines plantations in the presence of government officials and police at Dhinkia.

As per reports, around 10 – 15 betel vine plantations were removed at Mahala village in the presence of local administrative authorities, police, and local people on Monday. At the same time, the officials were taking measurements of many other betel vine plantations which are planned to be ousted.

On Friday, police had lathi-charged villagers including women and children in Dhinkia village as they were going to protest against this eviction of betel vine plantations. Many women, men, and children were injured during this lathi-charge by the police. After this incident, the local administration had cancelled the removal of betel vine plantations for two days.

Though several villagers of Dhinkia are opposing the proposed JSW project work in the area. Yet, there are several other villagers of Mahala village are also seem to be cooperating with the local administration in the ongoing removal of the betel vine plantations.

After the arrest of anti-JSW project leader Debendra Swain, the protest and obstruction to the proposed JSW project have dwindled much. About this incident Akhileswar Singh, the SP of Jagatsinghpur had held a discussion with the villagers of Dhinkia on Sunday.