Jimmy Shergil Promotes Upcoming Web Series Ranneeti

Jimmy Shergil talks about the upcoming web series named Ranneeti releasing on Jio cinema.  The series is on the subject of Balacot, the Pulwama attack. Speaking about the trimming of the series release as the election is around the corner, the date of release got delayed due to the technicalities of the project. There are a lot of special effects used to make it look as realistic as the original scenario. But if to make it associated with the election, it will eventually help our marketing and promotion.

The media relayed a narrative then about the attack which was a superficial and simplistic form. In reality, to go into the nitty-gritty of the matter, the technicalities of it, the people who were behind it, the strategies made by those who were never recognised, shown in front. The dung heroes, who strategies, and put their lives at stake to win a war remain behind the shade. Nobody talks about their bravery, skill, patriotism, dedication and commitment to the country. For the first time through this series, it is going to be seen.

Everybody knows about the attack, but it is oblivion to the fact that such a big war was obstructed to occur by this attack. It took about 2.5 months just to finalise the look of a character because the real people who were involved in the mission cannot be disclosed as it is the top confidential details of the country. So these fictional characters are an amalgamation of a few people who were working in the mission. The rich casting and the concept of the story are such that it initially felt nearly impossible to assemble everything in a justified way. Such content should be appreciated and watched by the audience so that it gets more and more forums for being made. The series also features Lara Dutta, and Ashutosh Rana among others in pivotal roles.

Talking about the struggle Jimmy had faced at the beginning of his career, he says that he was paid 20 thousand for his first film Machis by Gulzar. He was taking acting classes from Roshan Taneja in Mumbai in the year 1992 for 1.5 years.  Then he tried to work as an assistant director with Gulzar but fortunately got cast in the blockbuster film Machis, which won national awards then for its wholesome entertainment. Jimmy says Machis was initially considered an art film before its release but boomed to be the biggest blockbuster of that time.

Many industry people then told him not to start his career from such a small part, he should wait for his time and get a big launch. But he didn’t pay heed as he wanted to learn the raw flavour of acting right from the film sets. But after the grand success of Machis, he did not get as much work or recognition rather everybody wanted to cast him in similar roles. He always tried to break the stereotype and craved to do something new in his career.
He further added that he was not making enough money from the films he was doing so was getting financial support from his family until he did Mohabbatein.

Talking about the stars in Bollywood, the big personalities are in that stature because they have that persona, that aura, that gesture, modesty. That is why they are so larger than life. In today’s time, the competition is higher because of the spread of social media. Now the casting of an actor happens based on the followers on social media and the audition also happens on social media reels. The opportunities one gets is the luck but to sustain it requires sheer talent.