Experian rallies behind India during pandemic; helps communities in COVID-19 treatment and prevention

Mumbai : The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the healthcare system in India severely. Many Indians are navigating a strained healthcare system, along with extended lockdowns leading to business closures and job losses impacting their livelihoods. The second wave has abated in recent weeks with collaborative efforts by the frontline healthcare community, government, NGOs and corporates; all playing their part in ensuring a quick recovery.

To support vulnerable communities most impacted by COVID-19, Experian, the world’s leading global information services company, rallied together in a global employee fundraising drive. The fundraising drive resulted in INR 5.5 crores being raised for communities impacted by COVID-19 and various non-government organisations (NGOs) that are helping vulnerable communities navigate the pandemic. Experian also matched the employee fundraiser with a corporate donation.

Neeraj Dhawan, Managing Director, Experian India, said: “At Experian, we have a mission to create a better tomorrow. Throughout the pandemic, Experian adopted a ‘people first’ approach – by supporting communities, empowering consumers, protecting employees, and enabling individuals and businesses to get easier access to credit. We partnered with NGOs to reach affected communities across the country. To alleviate their anxiety in managing their finances during these times, we are offering consumers free and unlimited Experian credit report downloads to check their Experian credit scores and better manage their financial health. We are also providing various forms of support for our employees, including a dedicated Employee Relief Fund for medical and other emergencies, and recently conducted vaccination drives for them and their families.”

Experian has been working with several frontline NGOs like UNICEF, Give India, KVN Foundation, Nirmaan, Goonj, Srujna Charitable Trust, Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust, Education for Employability Foundation, PRADAN, etc for COVID-19 related support activities. These non-profit organisations have been identified to ensure Experian supports the most vulnerable populations end-to-end – from providing masks as a first step, to supplying emergency oxygen support and adding beds in hospitals, to ensuring financial stability and security for lower-income families in the longer-term.

The pandemic has caused financial hardship for a large portion of India’s population. Experian India is empowering consumers by providing free, unlimited credit reports. Individuals can check their Experian credit score for free via Experian India’s website to track their financial statuses and alleviate any anxieties arising from changes in their financial situation.

-Odisha Age