Election Fever, Series of Blame- games and Crossing Boundaries

In the scenario of an election coming in the opposition parties are putting forward blame game tactics and trying to raise the communal sentiments amongst people to win over the elections and more and more seats.

Opposition claims the government has been collecting a huge amount of revenue from the selling of alcohol/alcohol business. So there is no denying that the youth of the country are pushed towards a gloomy future through alcohol addictions and the government is incorporating that to gather more and more revenue and profits. Congress party further adds by saying there is miscommunication and misinterpretation of Rahul Gandhi’s words as he is trying to bring the attention of the people towards the issues of failures of the ruling party BJP. As the statements of the congress leader have constantly been flaked by the media, many congressmen and spokespersons are saying that the media should address the core intention of his words rather than catching the literal meaning of them. The opposition uses the slogans of the anger of the young India at the lack of employment opportunities which has pushed young India into severe alcohol and drug addiction.  The future of this country is at risk under the governance of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

On the other hand, the ruling party claims that the opposition is not able to understand the pulse of the people, especially the proposed leader of Congress Rahul Gandhi. Pointing out the lacunas of Gandhi Bastian. Moreover, the politics of the Ram Temple is making a rise in the constant Hindu phobic nature of Rahul Gandhi.

The question arises amidst the frivolous comments made by Rahul Gandhi about Bollywood stars, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and trying to violate the rights of a media reporter by publically humiliating him in the middle of a crowd during his Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Uttar Pradesh,  can the congress win over the 2024 general elections this time, especially in Amethi and Raibaraeli? The Raibareily seat is in hot topic because this time Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has taken the Rajyasabha route instead of contesting the Loksabha battle. Union minister Smriti Irani states that there is nothing called traditional seats in democracy. If we consider that way it is an insult to the democracy and the people of the country.

It is being debated that Rahul Gandhi has been expressing ill language for lord Ram and Kashi, and Hinduism to demean people’s religious sentiments and faith. This erratic way of campaigning strategies of the congress party as well as the whole I.N.D.I alliance seem to be failing its path. A  good political leader should possess the quality of leading his/ her sanity and language towards the people and cannot understand the nerves of the people let alone lead the country.

Regulating the election campaigns by holding a monotonous tone of targeting the opponent, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not give the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi any clear strategy for winning the upcoming election. The Congress party has to implement specific strategic planning for fighting the election instead of doing personal attacks, and juvenile politics. On the other hand, the BJP and Narendra Modi going all out,  campaigning in a manner that will embrace the local community by speaking the regional language in speeches in the respective state, reaching out to sections where the party had been facing difficulties in establishing earlier. On top of everything the ruling party is successfully selling the idea of prosperity to the country, in this scenario, it becomes necessary for the opposition to produce a robust planning and fair strategy to compete in the 2024 election with the BJP.