CME Program on Current Trends in Oncology: 1st Annual Day Celebrations of AMRI-ASIAN CANCER INSTITUTE


AMRI Asian Cancer Institute, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneshwar, successfully completed 1 years of the association and the journey continues.  On this juncture a unique CME has been conducted at Hotel Mayfair Convention on 22nd July’2017. Present on the occasion were renowned Cancer doctor of the Country, Dr. S. H. Advani , Senior Advisor, Asian Cancer Institute(ACI), Dr. Ramakant Deshpande, Executive Chairman & Director, ACI, Dr. Sanjay Sharma & Dr. Deepak Parikh  Directors- ACI & Dr. (Lt.Col.) Vivek Lal, VP, Unit Head, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneshwar.  Over the last one year, AMRI Asian Cancer Institute has been providing latest cancer care services to the people of Odisha.


Dr. Ramakat Deshpande, (MS, FICS, FAIS, DHA) Executive Chairman & Director, ACI briefed the aims & objectives of the AMRI Asian Cancer Institute and necessary investigations & treatment of operable lungs cancer.  He said “We have brought the best state of art and science cancer care to patients in and around Odisha close to their homes at affordable cost.”

Dr. S. H. Advani , Senior Advisor- ACI, elaborated and discussed about the Chemotherapy and moving forward from  Chemotherapy. “Cancer is increasingly becoming a widespread malady. Our understanding of casues, effect and treatment of cancer is increasing rapidly on a global scale. Through this collaborative endeavour, Asian Cancer Institute is trying to reach out its services beyond Mumbai and offer world class treatment in cancer to the whole country.”, said Dr. Advani.

The surviving current cancer Population in India is around 45 lakhs, and around 11 lakhs of new cancer patients are getting added every year. While men in India are getting afflicted mostly with   cancer of head and neck, lungs and prostate, women are getting largely diagnosed with breast cancer along with ovarian and cervical cancer.

Dr. Deepak Parikh (MS, FICS) Director, ACI said, “we have launched the first phase of our expansion plan in Bhubaneshwar in collaboration with AMRI Hospitals since last year. Now, the cancer patients are getting the ACI standard treatments at AMRI – Bhubaneswar.”

Referring to the heavy traffic of cancer patients of travelling to other cities for availing better treatment facilities, Dr. (Lt.Col.) Vivek Lal, VP, Unit Head, AMRI Hospitals said, “This collaboration between AMRI Bhubaneshwar and ACI has been providing a new horizon of cancer treatment not only for the people of Odisha but also to the entire eastern part of the country. Patients from these regions are availing the global standards of services and need not now travel to other parts of the Country for the cancer treatment. AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneshwar has brought the same facility closer to home with this collaboration. Moreover, we intend to take the collaboration to new heights by introducing some additional state-of-the-art facilities for the Cancer patients very soon.”

Dr. Sanjay Sharma , Director, Asian Cancer Institute, Mumbai said, “Our aim is to offer the best of cancer care to all patients irrespective of their affordability status.”

AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneshwar, a Super Speciality tertiary care hospital is a part of the AMRI Hospitals Ltd, which is largest and fastest growing chains of private hospitals in Eastern India.

Asian Cancer Institute [ACI] formerly known as Asian Institute of Oncology – a dream project of leading Best Oncology Consultants of the country was conceptualised and came into existence in 2002 at the Wellspring Clinic Piramal Complex, Parel as a day care centre. The project was then shifted to S.L. Raheja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai in October 2002 with addition of in-patient with surgical facilities and subsequently to Somaiya Ayurvihar, Sion, Mumbai in 2013 with expansion of facilities to its current level and size in collaboration with the Somaiya Trust & Medical College. This initiative by the country’s best-known names in oncology, strives to strengthen the three pillars of excellence in – “cancer care, research and education”. Asian Cancer Institute [ACI]is also extending its expertise in comprehensive cancer care across the country whereby each center will be supported by the local cancer specialists whose expertise will be reinforced by professional help from the Mumbai Centre. The quality services provided at all the centres are at affordable cost. In the eastern part of the country ACI in collaboration with the well reputed AMRI hospitals limited formed AMRI-ACI in Bhubaneshwar for providing quality cancer care as per the standards that prevail at par with ACI, Mumbai. Through this collaboration, a new synergy will be created in medical students of Orissa through their exposure to the best interventions in cancer care.

-By OdishaAge