Bhubaneswar: If nurturing and fostering our children is considered as an art, then one needs to understand that to observe and make it work smoothly cannot be a personal affair. We nurture our children in our privately space. It is not the right approach to consider the fostering of our children a complete personal affair. When a child is blooming it needs a wholesome environment to further transform into an individual and for forming its own personality. So the process of bringing up a child is certainly not only parents centric. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide a healthy and constructive environment by observing all the negative as well as positive aspects for making the child a healthy and polite human being. The surroundings and situations puts a huge impact on the formation of a child’s personality.

In earlier times it was strongly believed that disciplining the children through corporeal punishments is necessary. Later it was banished as the child psychologists researched and reported that corporeal punishment impacts the minds of the children adversely. In the middle of 18th century, the data published by John Paget is considered as the world’s first published child psychology. According to this data the process of fostering and nurturing the children began to change gradually. Parenta started to give equal amount of importance to mental growth of the children as physical growth. From the birth of the baby, its growth periods were divided into different stages and it was also stressed upon thar how the parents and other family members can understand better regarding the development of unconditional intelligence. The conservative punishments that affects the minds of the children negatively were strongly condemned. It came into picture that the corporeal punishments eventually affects the healthy mental growth of the children and becomes an obstruction in their personality development.

Many parents cannot understand till today, that development of a child’s personality begins from their very childhood. A child begins its education within the womb of the mother. This has been mentioned in the Mahabharat as well. Abhimanyu learnt all the war tactics from his mother’s womb, later he performed ferociously in thw battle field of Mahabharat. Therefore it is evident that if we desire for a child of a beautiful and strong personality, we meed to know many informations thoroughly and also we should help the child to enjoy the process of childhood and intellectual growth joyfully by maintaining our own mental balance.

As the gradual development of the child is constructed along with knowledge and experience, as the motherhood also grows simultaneously. From the time when a fetus is implanted within a mother’s womb till the time of the child ‘s cognitive development, a woman has to go through an extraordinary changes within herself. The woman’s maternity shoots and the love and affection cord develops between the mother and the unborn child. Mother is the one who is able to understand the good, bad and tge needs of the child. In other ways , it is to indicate that the nurturing of a child begins within the mother’s womb itself . In this process only the mother and tfe child are involved. So during this period morher is the only one who teaches the child.

It is said that a human child takes more time to be self-reliance as compared to the other creatures. The gradual development of every organ of a human child is very slow in process , like focus of the eye sight , spinal cord becoming straight, learning to sit, stand and walk, coming out of teeth, are the different gradual stages of a child’s growth. We have to nurture the child in coordination with all these stages. Many parents prefer to carry their child in arms even after he/ she has already learnt how to walk, feed chunk food even after they got tooth, and so on. Because of this there not only occurs certain disruption in the child’s gradual process of growth, but it also affects the overall personality development of the child.