AMRI Opens Bariatrics Wing

AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, today, announced its collaboration with Asian Bariatrics, Ahmedabad for providing the world class Bariatrics and Metabolic surgery facility at AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar.

 The announcement was done in the presence of noted Bariatric & GI Robotic surgeons of India Dr Mahendra Narwaria, and Dr. Sanjay Patolia,  along with Mr. Rupak Barua, CEO, AMRI Hospitals Ltd, and Dr. Salil Kumar Mohanty, VP, Unit Head, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar.
Under this collaborative initiative, AMRI Hospitals & Asian Bariatrics is all set to provide a holistic Bariatrics and Metabolic surgery to the patients getting treated at AMRI, Bhubaneswar by  conforming to the high standards of protocol and treatment  that is offered at  Asian Bariatrics, Ahmedabad.
“Asian Bariatrics is the Asia’s largest Obesity Surgery Center which has the credentials of more than 6000 successful weight-loss surgeries. This collaboration with AMRI Bhubaneswar will benefit the patients from this part of the country. The bariatric unit at AMRI Bhubaneswar will offer the best in standard medical service as offered by the experts of Asian Bariatrics, Ahmedabad,” said, Dr. Mahendra Narwaria, Renowned Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon of India.
He went on to add that “ The technology of Metabolic surgery that will be offered at AMRI Bhubaneswar Bariatric Wing from this collaboration can help many diabetic patients of this country who are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes despite taking medications including insulin and even after following a regimented lifestyle of proper diet and exercise. These kinds of surgeries will also help to minimize complications of heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, neuropathy and retinopathy for such diabetic patients. Early treatment with surgery would assist them to continue a normal life and avoid a long and strict medication regime”.
“Overweight population in India is on the rise. Hectic and stressful modern lives, addiction to junk food, lack of physical activities are some of the lifestyle disorders behind this excess weight gain by Indian population. In the last two decades, obesity in India has shown a rising trend of around 50%. Most of these obese adults are increasingly suffering from related diseases like cardio – vascular complications, thyroid, diabetes, sleep apnea etc. Bariatric surgery service like this would prove helpful for such patients. This is a very easy and painless procedure for which patients require a very short stay of maximum 2 nights at hospital. Patients as heavy as 300 kilos and small kids of even 3 year olds can undergo this laparoscopic surgery requiring a very small incision and can resume their normal life within 2 days of their hospital discharge,”   said Dr. Sanjay Patolia, Director and Senior Bariatric & GI Surgeon of Asian Bariatrics.
“This collaboration between AMRI Bhubaneswar and Asian Bariatrics is going to open a new horizon of Bariatrics treatment not only for the people of Odisha but will cater to the entire Eastern part of the country. Patients from these regions would no more be required to travel to far off places to avail weight reduction treatment of global standards from institutions like Asian Bariatrics. AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar has brought the same facility closer to home with this collaboration,” said, Mr. Rupak Barua, CEO, AMRI Hospitals Ltd.
Speaking on the occasion Dr. Salil Kumar Mohanty, VP, Unit Head, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar said “This facility will be available for the first time in Odisha and it will benefit those patients who had to travel out of the State for such treatments. The collaboration would also prove highly cost effective as patients would no more require traveling out of station and bearing the expenses of their stay.  The new Bariatric facility at AMRI Bhubaneswar will offer state of the art equipment and one of the best expertise of Bariatric treatments available in India.This initiative by AMRI Group of Hospital will add new dimension to the patient care of Odisha. Moreover, through this collaboration, medical students of Odisha will also be benefitted through their exposure to the best interventions in Bariatric & Metabolic surgery. ”