AMRI Hospitals launches first-of-its-kind Cardiac Support Group: Heart Patients Share Experiences

Bhubaneswar: As the world gears up to observe World Heart Day 2021, like every year, AMRI Hospitals-Bhubaneswar launches a first-of-its-kind patient engagement forum in the form of a Cardiac Support Group in the region. This support group will help provide information and create a network for those in need of cardiac treatment, besides raising awareness on how to maintain a healthy heart.

The Cardiac Support Group is being set up under the guidance of AMRI Hospitals, one of the largest private healthcare networks in Eastern India. The hospital group has been providing a wide range of treatment protocols, offering exemplary clinical excellence, backed by advanced technologies to patients not just from Odisha, but also from other states and even neighbouring nations.

“Many people feel that heart diseases affect only those over 50, but the truth is they can strike anybody, any time, from childhood to the early twenties. It is recommended to get your cholesterol checked every five years, starting at the age of 20”, said Dr J.K. Padhi, Director, Cardiology, AMRI Hospital-Bhubaneswar.

“Heart Health has assumed even more significance during the ongoing COVID pandemic, as there is a rising trend of sudden heart attacks, and even people below the age of 40 are affected. Faulty lifestyle, unhealthy diet, heavy smoking, or a history of cardiac complaints are responsible for contributing towards rising heart troubles in younger people.” said Dr Mahesh Prasad Agrawala.

Many patients who had undergone procedures at AMRI Hospitals shared their experiences on how they have been leading an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually developed cardiovascular diseases. Their life returned to a normal, healthier flow as they came in contact with cardiac experts of AMRI Hospitals.

“It is true that people with a family history of heart disease are always at higher risk of developing cardiac problems, but they can significantly reduce this risk and even prevent themselves from suffering cardiac issues by choosing a healthy lifestyle,” said Mr Uma Prasanna Tripathy, who underwent a CABG procedure at AMRI Hospitals.

Renowned Cardiac Surgeons, like Dr Jitendranath Patnaik, Dr Biswajeet Mohapatra, and Senior Cardiologist, Dr. Lingaraj Nath, are all of the opinion that in today’s age and time the focus of cardiac treatment should be more on preventive measures, rather than curative measures.

Treating complex cardiac conditions has become much easier than what the situation was like even a decade back. However, people should concentrate more on preventative measures, as that will help them to have a healthier life, they pointed out. 

Ms Nilanjana Mukherjee, Vice President & Unit Head, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar, pointed out that a large number of people are leading a sedentary lifestyle, even when they have conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, are obese with almost no physical exercise, along with high stress lifestyle, and bad habits like consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

“All these factors come together to be among the most leading cause of cardiac diseases and contributing factor for other diseases. Particularly during this COVID times, everybody should be more careful and pay even more attention to their heart health,” she said.