Vitesco Technologies inaugurates its plant of the future at Talegaon, Pune

Pune, India :Vitesco Technologies,a leading international manufacturer of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions,on Friday inaugurated its plant of the future at Talegaon, Pune. Klaus Hau, Member of the Executive Board at Vitesco Technologies, and Anurag Garg, Managing Director & Country Head of Vitesco Technologies India Private Limited attended the event.

The all-new facility is spread across 20 acres and contains more than 17.580 m2 of manufacturing space, including over 900 employees.The first series of productions will be for the two-wheeler market, followed by various Powertrain Solutions products such as engine management systems, sensors, and actuators, as well as exhaust management components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company will concentrate its efforts at this facility on the growing demand for highly efficient, low-emission technologies for internal combustion engines, as well as electrified and all-electric drive systems.

“Building this factory was a major milestone for Vitesco Technologies, allowing us to provide better value to our clients in the Indian market”, said Klaus Hau, Member of the Executive Board, Vitesco Technologies, during the inauguration event. He continued by stating that India plays a central part in our global growth strategy. The country’s automotive industry is currently undergoing what is possibly the most significant transformation in its history. The objective is to achieve a twin technological transformation: from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and from analogue – to – digital technology. We embrace this transformation and have already begun to design our strategic course. Also, with the new facility, we will be able to better respond to market demands and developments in the future.

Like all Vitesco Technologies facilities, this cutting-edge plant in Pune meets its grid demand entirely through renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the site generates sustainable electricity.

All new photovoltaic systems have been installed, generating 03 GWh of solar energy. The present installed capacity is 2.6 MW, with the company aiming to raise it to 3.6 MW by the end of the year. With over 25 cobots and robots installed on the production lines and shop floor, the facility is also strongly pursuing automation, digitization, and Industry 4.0.

Anurag Garg, Managing Director & Country Head of Vitesco Technologies India Private Limited said:“Our mission is to develop highly efficient, low-emission technologies for internal combustion engines and electrification technologies for all types of vehicles in India. For this, we build a futuristic plant, one that is intelligent, sustainable, and predictive. Withthese key characteristics, we were able to construct this plant of the future in Pune. Several creative projects have been completed at this facility. These projects on digitization, automation, and sustainability across our manufacturing network have helped us to shape the Plant of the Future”.

He further added, “Due to the growing carbon footprint, we also considered the climate change while building this facility.I am delighted to say that the facility in Pune is operating at a carbon-neutral level and has fully established itself as a driver of sustainability”.

The future plant vision of Vitesco Technologies aims to address technological, geopolitical, sociological, and climatic change concerns that affect not just the automobile industry but also society. The company intends to actively drive the country’s manufacturing and supply chain management transformation. The initiative’s purpose is to paint a picture of how Vitesco Technology will meet the manufacturing demands of tomorrow by utilizingcreative concepts and future technologies.