Bhubaneswar: The second wave of  COVID – 19 has not gone completely from our  country.  It is mitigating slowly and steadily.  But the fear of a possible third wave is now mounting on the nation. The daily infection rate is on rise again though it was reducing during the first week of August. This number had come down to 15,000 on 8 August, which made the government and the people reassured of a positive sign. But the number of infection again crossed 40,000 just after one week. This has confirmed the arrival of third wave once again. Everyone is in a state of confusion. As per the tests conducted by the ICMR, a new variant of Covid-19 named Delta Plus is being identified in most of the covid cases reported. Therefore Delta Plus is expected to play a decisive role the third wave. Covid guidelines are slowly being relaxing in the country. Even though the health department is time and again warning people don’t to adopt covid appropriate behaviour but they don’t seem to be paying any heed towards it. The people are back to their work places and various business stores, educational institutions, industrial places are open. This is will bring back the normal hustle bustle, which will be possible reason for the third wave of Covid-19. States like Kerela and  North-eastern states such as Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh have already started giving hints for it. It is estimated that, the third wave can also turn into a rough shape even in the states where Delta Plus virus is comparatively detected less. This infection will mostly affect the children and adolescents in those states. It has been previously thought that comprehensively the third wave will be more deadly especially for children and adolescents. The SERO Survey Report published in July 2021 stated that 68 percent of people in India have been created anti-body in their system to fight corona infections. But this percentage is not the same in all states in the country and also children and adolescents are not included this list. The report further shows that one third of the population are still at risk of the infection. The children, adolescents and the ones who have not developed anti- body immunity against corona are more vulnerable for this. Therefore the vaccination process has been made more comprehensive by the government before the possible third wave arises. Both central and state governments are preparing for the third wave witg cooperation by increasing wards and beds for children in hospitals. In the mean time tge third phase of the corona vaccine for children is being tested and as expected the children can be vaccinated by September 2021. But there is a race between the third wave and the vaccines for the children to come first.  This is just the situation of our country but more or less whole world is going through the same. Vaccination has been considered as the only immortal weapon against corona.  So various pharmaceutical companies have introduced different kinds of vaccines like double dose vaccines, single dose vaccines , vaccines for children, nasal drops etc  to fight the virus.  Possibly these vaccines are going to be the only safety net for the future of the human society.