The Reiteration of Covid: Will It Bring the Lethal Hazard Back

Bhubaneswar: Covid has once again returned with its dangerous wrath and spread all over China, Japan, the United States, Brazil, and Korea Republican. The whole nation is in fear and anxiety reflecting on its prior destruction. Since 2019, the whole of humankind petrified by the damages that the virus has caused to the world economy and the life of the common man. The invisible virus has once again attacked the world with a new variant. No country to date has been successful in defeating the deadly virus. It is really difficult to imagine how the whole world is going to be damaged by this new variant.

The scientists state there are other viruses along with the corona that are leading ways towards the whole world. It is estimated that more than 80 million life will be ruined, it is just a prophecy whereas the actual situation might be worse. Disease won’t just take life but livelihood as well. People will have to suffer from hunger more than the virus. There is a terrible famine, and people will starve to death.

China earlier used to hide the number of deaths that occurred due to Coronavirus. Now it is growing widely and going out of control. The worst affected city in China is the capital Beijing. As there is no group testing done, the number of people affected by the virus. People started to gather in public places after the restrictions were lifted. As a result, the infection continued to increase. Now people don’t get out of their houses in fear, roads, markets places are empty. The situation has turned similar to the previous waves of covid as hospitals lack beds for patients, and cemeteries don’t have places for the burial of dead bodies. It is a matter of concern that the people who are vaccinated are also getting infected by covid. So it is feared that this is probably a new variant of the covid virus, which has a great chance of spreading to other countries.

Now, all the countries have pulled up their game to beat covid by implementing lockdown, shutdown, isolation and usage of masks, sanitiser etc and using certain medications for treating the infected patients. It is a lethal threat that has wrecked the whole world like never before. Every hazard comes with a solution to it but only lockdowns and shutdowns will not suffice to resist the covid pandemic. To prevent the coronavirus it is imperative to follow the advice of experienced experts in the field of medicine.

Everyone, in our country, has gone through the terrible form of the covid pandemic. People have been exhausted for more than two years by following several protocols from wearing masks, taking medicines, and getting vaccinated to staying at home in isolation during lockdowns. All public gatherings, sports, and ceremonies were restricted, and there was a severe depression in trade, the economy had suffered heavily. The remuneration of employees in different fields was deducted from half or they were terminated from their jobs. The economic backbone was completely shattered. When the prevalence of covid was eased over the last 7/8 months, people started to return to normalcy, the court again raised its head in China and the United States. The new variant is also found in India as well.

The FIFA World Cup is over in last December month. The Hockey Men’s World Cup is going to get started in Odisha in January. The capital city of Bhubaneswar is in full swing for that and the people are confident after the covid restrictions are lifted. The new variant of covid named B.F – 7 is also identified in Odisha. The government consoles people by saying not to be scared. The Hockey world cup might be a super spreader event in Odisha as there will be players and audiences coming to Bhubaneswar from various other countries. If there would be no guidelines, and proper testing of every player, audiences might be a high-risk factor for the state. So the government should make it mandatory testing and produce certificates of testing for covid for everyone, be it the national or international players as well as audiences.