The Mangal sutra Remark of the PM made a Ruckus us between the Opposition and the Ruling Party

 The political arguments are now revolving around the Mangal sutra remark of the prime minister Narendra Modi. The political discourse at present is going down in terms of the actual issues faced by the nation. The real problem is not being delivered, discussed, analyzed or presented to the country in the right manner.

For so many years, Indian politics has not seen any kind of scenario where the campaigning has fallen to such a low pit. Now it also should be pondered upon why the Mangal sutra of women is getting highlighted here. It is a very upper caste-specific thing and, at the same time a symbol of patriarchy where the woman has to wear a yellow thread around her neck for the long life of her husband. As the prime minister of our nation os. making such a remark in his speech is certainly not expected. Moreover, this is not a political aspect rather it showcases the subordinate status of women and is not associated with women’s wealth.

In most parts and sections of the country, women consider the Mangal sutra to be equivalent to the husband. A lot of sentiments and emotional ground are associated with it. The prime minister of the country should not be playing around with the sentiment of women to get a vote bank politics.

The other perspective states that Congress has nothing else to talk about except for freebies. So Prime Minister Narendra Modi is placing wealth distribution at the centre of rhetoric by referring to one of the speeches of Manmohan Singh in the year 2006.  Whereas in the congress’s current manifesto, it is mentioned that the unequal redistribution of wealth amongst the poor, marginalized, and other sections of the people. The communal intention of the Congress party, time and again they have given protection to the Muslim minority completely sidelining the majority population should not be forgotten. So the manifesto has a Muslim favoritism aspect categorically mentioned in it. It is highlighted openly and clearly that authorities are synonymous with majorities.

On the other hand, congress defends by saying within these minorities Dalits and other communities are included not just Muslims. In our country, thousands of masses are dwelling under the bridge. They are the migrants from different parts of the country coming for livelihood to big cities. If the BJP is contesting the Congress manifesto then is it suggesting not to bother about those masses under the bridge and let them be in their pathetic ordeal?

Here are the government’s spokespersons claiming about the schemes and policies that are benefiting all the minority communities including the Muslim, Muslim women etc. So the remark made by the prime minister has been fabricated to give it a communal and casteist picture. BJP is neither communal nor against the Muslims.