State Government May Rethink to Close down Schools If Covid Cases Surge In U-18 Age Groups

Bhubaneswar: Ahead of the possible third wave of Corona virus pandemic, The Odisha government has held the parents and families responsible for the continuous rise of Covid-19 cases among the children and adolescent below the 18 year age groups. The chief of Directorate of Medical Education and Training (DMET), CBK Mohanty has urged the parents to notify the administration mandatorily in case of development of any SARI/ILI symptoms in their children.

It is a tough task to keep the children in control especially their outdoor activities therefore it becomes even more crucial for the parents to be extra careful to keep a watch on them.  Parents should immediately intimate the administration if the children gets symptoms like cold, cough, and fever and get thei covid test done for their kids. This conscious step will help to decrease aggravation of rapid infections and reduce mortality cases and hospitalizations.

According to Mohanty, “if people fail to pay required attention and cases remain on rise among below 18 age groups, then it will be a decisive factor for the State government  to rethink on shutting down the schools again “.

Similarly, Director of Health Services, Bijay Mohapatra stated about the necessity of an extensive surveillance on covid cases regarding the possible third wave. He has further advised that the parents should not send their children to school if they show any symptoms which is suspected of infection.

A rigorous surveillance is necessary to keep the number of child positives and extent of gravity of the virus under control.

According to the health officials, there are around 0.2 per cent of children infected with the SARS-CoV-2 have been admitted to ICU but no one is under ventilator support presently. It is important to mention that majority of the children infections are mild.