State Government Announces To Reopen Schools: Are Teachers In All Districts Vaccinated?

Bhubaneswar: The state government has announced today for resuming the regular process of education system which had been halted  due to the  ongoing severity of the pandemic in the State. 

 The ever debatable question which has been cropping up in every mind is  whether the State Government vaccinated all the teachers (taking classes for Std 9-12) across the State.

This debate is worthy of mentioning because, The Lancet Covid-19 Commission’s India Task Force has evidently advised recently before opening educational institutions, it is of extreme importance to ensure vaccination of all the teachers, school staffs and school bus drivers.

Even UNESCO has also recommended that teachers should to be vaccinated fully before opening up the schools. As per the UNESCO Report, “Teachers need to be taken as priority group irrespective of their age,” the Unesco report.

Whereas the SME department has announced on 17 July about opening of schools in a graded manner from July 26, but there was no information about the vaccination of teachers, school staffs or school bus drivers across the State.