Rahul Gandhi Attacks Odisha Government in Odisha Visit

BHUBANESWAR, Rahul Gandhi visited Salepur, which comes under the kendrapara constituency, Odisha on the 28th of April. He criticized the Naveen government in his speech by saying Naveen Babu is holding the position of the chief minister but  Odisha is governed by the side aide Mr V.K. Pandian. By criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government in the centre is running to cater to the big billionaires in Delhi. Likewise, the government in Odisha is serving the selected groups of people.

He further states that BJD and BJP are showing their arch-rivalry in front but functioning together like they are married secretly. Both parties are fooling the people of Odisha by giving PAANN, which means Pandian, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi and Naveen Patnaik. He says enough of eating PAANN, now the people of Odisha should throw the PAANN and vote for the Congress. He indirectly referred to the Prime Minister as “Uncle Ji and Naveen Babu together have looted your wealth”.

Rahul Gandhi in his speech skipped all the past works done by the congress in Odisha during its governance. He rather compared the political scenario in Telangana with Odisha. Whereas the position of Congress in Odisha politics has no comparison with the standing in Telangana. In Telangana, there was a bonhomie between the BJP and TRS, the Congress won thereby giving five guarantees to the poor people of Telangana providing direct money transfer to their bank account. The Congress is going to apply the same formula and the same guarantee to the people of Odisha to form the government.