Popularity of Clay Utensils: Return of Old Habits

Bhubaneswar: Day by day, people are becoming more and more consoles of their health. So they prefer to use healthier things. The main role in this is played by the clay pot. Because it has a major role in preparing food. Instead of the non-sticky and modern utensils, people are more interested in using clay pots. As a result, the potters are making pots in various new designs by changing the style of pottery. Because whether cooking or storing drinking water in the clay pots the quality is not lost.

Now the style and designs of the old clay pots have changed. Nowadays, refrigerators, water filters and utensils are available in the market. Which are age-appropriate and at the same time can be used as home decor and luxurious items. Particularly in summers clay pots are mostly used for storing cool drinking water. The potter’s community has adopted terracotta for producing varieties of home decors and coping with the high demands of the cat materials for supporting their families, which is certainly a welcome change. There are certain families which entirely depend on this profession financially. Various districts such as Balangir, Kalahandi, Mayur Mayurbhanj, Koraput so on predominantly are the makers and producers of clay items in Odisha.

People in both rural and urban areas use these clay pots. The urban mass is more attracted to terracotta materials and home decors often sold in handicraft fairs in the capital city of Odisha. People irrespective of localities seem to be fascinated by the clay utensils, they understand the health benefits of it and also it brings a traditional feel. This surely reflects today’s man is going back to ancient times even with the fast-paced advancement of technology.