Plight of BJP in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: BJP is standing in an unstable position in Odisha. The party is losing it’s perspective in Odisha due to lack of profound party representation and well executed strategy. The recent panchayat election has shown mirror to the party members in terms of their leadership and political action to win over the people’s heart in the state. With respect to that the upcoming urban local body polls which is soon going to be held on March 24, would not make the condition and recovery for the party sound or easy. Being the principal opposition party, BJP has delivered miserably and has been completely knocked out by the ruling party. After a miserable defeat, BJP has should learn a lesson and determine to construct it’s position by exhibiting a sail through strategy. But it is seen the party is still dwindling to chuck out a plan for the upcoming urban poll. It clear to apprehend that the party candidates are losing confidence about their fate in the urban polls and prefer to file nomination independently. It is, indeed, a crucial time for the BJP which has faced a hard time in the last two elections before the forthcoming 2024.

BJP as a national party is extremely strong and profound but when it comes to Odisha it has many issues like internal disagreements, difference of opinions etc. which became visible I. the panchayat election itself. The most prominent drawback with BJP in the state is not presenting face or a leader in the Odisha front. Though it performed fairly well in 2019 assembly and lok sabha poll, it was expected that the party will put up a decent fight this time in the panchayat elections. But the factors like lack of leadership, insufficient strategies, and poor resources have dipped their opportunities. It is futile to mention the fight amplifies when it is against a popular giant stature BJD chief and CM of Odisha Naveen Pattnaik.

For this scenario, not just the regional leaders of BJP but the party as a whole and the stall warts in the center should take the accountability.