Pinnacle Industries introduces Neonatal Ambulances for the Government of Maharashtra

Mumbai: Pinnacle Industries, India’s leading automotive seating, interiors & Specialty Vehicles company, introduces the newest range of approved Neonatal Ambulances specially developed for the Government of Maharashtra. These Ambulances are equipped with all necessary medical facilities & advanced technologies to deliver the best medical care to newborns. The Company has announced that it has delivered 5 Neonatal Ambulances to the Government of Maharashtra today to provide advanced Life support to the neonates.

 Pinnacle Industries is specialized to offer multiple types of health care products in the Ambulance &Non-Ambulance categories. The Neonatal Ambulances are specially designed Ambulances for Child Care / New-born babies with focused fabrication in Anti-bacterial ABS interior panels. The ABS material used to build the interiors of these ambulances is non–permeable and does not get affected by disinfectants. All materials used to build the Neonatal Ambulance are as per FR & Automotive Grade applicable norms. These ambulances are ergonomically designed for comfortable seating for Doctors, Nursing Staffs& 4 Attendants. The ambulances are well equipped with all necessary Medical Equipment to maintain the working space during the emergency and utilities as per Automotive Norms. All the Neonatal Ambulances by Pinnacle Industries have a provision of external power supply to ensure that the medical items are kept running from the power grid source without any hindrance, while the vehicles are in a stationary condition.

Speaking on the collaboration, Mr. Arihant Mehta, President, Pinnacle Industries Limited, said,“ India is rapidly developing its healthcare infrastructure and we at Pinnacle Industries are committed to providing world-class health transportation facilities in India. Our new range of Neonatal Ambulances is designed & built to ensure emergency transfers for newborns those who require specialist treatment and critical care. We have provided our fleet of 5 Neonatal Ambulances to the Government of Maharashtra today and are in talks for 50+ of these vehicles with various other agencies as well. We are confident that such initiatives will help reduce neonatal related challenges faced in the Tribal – Urban – Metropolitan areas.

 These specially built ambulances are ideal to operate across all corners of India to ensure safe emergency transfers for neonates who require more specialist emergency treatment & critical care. Developed with a unique styling by following EN 1789 standard, these ambulances are a complete package that meets all the requirements of medical equipment in an Ambulance for child care and are superiorly hygienic & safe. The various medical equipment pre-fitted in the Neonatal Ambulances by Pinnacle Industries include, Incubator, Stretcher, Oxygen Compressor for Infants, Defibrillator, Multi Para Monitor, Suction Pump, Infusion Pump &all other medical items for standard ambulance as per the norms.

Pinnacle Industries is India’s leading automotive seating, interiors, EV components & speciality vehicles company. Its subsidiary, EKA by Pinnacle Mobility Solutions is one of the only commercial vehicle manufacturers approved under the Champion OEM Scheme & EV component manufacturing scheme of the Government of India’s Auto PLI policy.