Niti Aayog Poverty Index Reveals Odisha’s Position in Poverty

Bhubaneswar: Niti Aayog National Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) has revealed in a fresh report that there is one in every third person in Odisha is poor. In this report, Odisha is listed in the ninth position among all the other states in the country. It is also mentioned in the report that around 29.35 per cent of people in Odisha is multidimensionally poor.

According to this report, Bihar is the poorest state in India, consisting of 51.91 per cent of the population living below the poverty line.
Whereas, Kerala jas been marked as the least poor state in the country has only 0.71 per cent living in poverty.

This report jas created a rucus among the opposition as they got a fresh factor to attack the ruling party. BJP has been criticising the state government by calling it a longest-running but failed government. At the same time, Congress has blasted the government for not being able to uplift the downtrodden.

BJP leader Bibhu Tarai has expressed regarding Odisha’s position in the index, “the Naveen Patnaik government may have ruled the State for 22 years, but it couldn’t achieve any development for the state and failed as a government because it didn’t enforce any of its schemes. The policies and schemes remained limited to the papers, could not create any successful employment opportunities. That is the reason why Odisha is lagged at ninth place in the index.”

Adding to that, former Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader, Ranjib Biswal commented, “The welfare schemes that the government is announcing are not reaching the absolute beneficiaries in the state. The State government might not agree to it but corruption has been a rampant factor in the grassroots also a major reason for Odisha’s poverty”.