Life: An amalgamation of Decision and Determination

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Eminent people are not accountable for what happens in society but rather for their conscious decisions taken during their professional tenure. Opportunities for making decisions about grabbing the fortune and the change in our clutch come our way time and again but many times we fail to understand. On the other hand, it is sheer pertinent that I have to decide at the right time to achieve the goal. Every faction of the second, our subconscious mind processes the action of making various decisions in the most normal way. Our day-to-day being, the routine that we follow, to eat, sleep, chat, travel, etc are included in it. When we come to any firm conclusion consciously, the importance of our decision-making is concentrated. When a student is firmly determined to secure the highest score in the examination, he takes his full plunge into it, to make his determination successful the student invests his whole body and mind completely.

Here the determination is to make Odisha the best. To make this determination to life many sorts of decisions will be taken and it seems appropriate to be flexible as needed. This is the right time to make a decision, whereas any decision is made based on experience and the present information. Living in the moment and working on one’s decision is appropriate for everybody irrespective of profession, gender and age. One can certainly achieve its goal if action is taken at the right time and choosing from the correct options. People trying to change certain aspects of their lives if disliked is a normal way of dealing with life. But what we think of changing we should work on it immediately without wasting any time. Any kind of positive habit, solving a health issue, meeting with a friend or family, or adopting a new habit should be taken to action forthwith.

Appropriate decisions increase our ability to work by finding out the unlimited number of possibilities and infinite power within us. This also frees the emotions of joy and happiness within us. So the time awaits us to make new decisions for prosperity and happiness. Any decision taken in the direction of a new, positive journey can’t be obstructed. Mahatma Gandhi had taken the decision and determination to ouster the Britishers from India. His determination was helping him to be in continuous motion. People used to wonder how he was to reach the destination but he was determined. A firm decision is the source of both problems and opportunities. The decision is such a powerful weapon that can turn the invisible into the visible. Right decisions play a crucial part in making dreams a reality.

The astonishing part is we carry such strange power which remains an impartial and independent process at the time of many difficult times. It is not dependent on anybody’s education, health and wealth, nor it is reserved for any particular personality. It is a self-regulatory power. It is possessed by a king as well as by a daily wage laborer, no monopoly. If we take any decision it comes from the voice of the soul. It brings spiritual change to identify yourself. Nobody can obstruct it. The decision taken consciously to uplift our life is the most encouraging process – Henry Davie’s theory.

Our luck begins to form from the very moment when we make a qualitative decision and later become committed to development. The role of decision-making power is indispensable for destiny. The decision makes our capability soulful. Be it freedom fighters, activists, disabled, or self-employed laborers, act e decision-making determines the fate of the country, society, family and so to say personal sphere. Ed Robert was paralyzed and living in a wheelchair. One day he decided to do something for those who were in a similar state. He fought, organized and took leadership. Then he was known for his usual decision and work. It is important to complete the prominent and fundamental work to achieve success. Wise people never rest until they finish what they have started. We must control and observe the work if it is going as per the decisions taken mindfully. Fate is not determined by one or two actions, it requires a constant effort. As they say, when there is a will, there is a way to succeed. To achieve success, we need to have strong determination. Any major decision is formed by the collaboration of many small conclusions. It is said and believed that manifestation has a very strong power to make our wish fruitful. So positivity and determination are a constant requirement for a successful life.