IIL forays into Herbal market with ‘Zuspray’- Topical spray product for animals

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based Indian Immunological Limited (IIL), a leading player in human and animal health has launched its first herbal product ‘Zuspray’ for animals. The launch of this herbal topical spray marks IIL’s entry into the Rs 480 crores valued domestic animal health herbal market. The herbal ingredients in ‘Zuspray’ will help in the treatment of all types of open wounds including surgical wounds.

On the occasion of the launch Dr. K. Anand Kumar, Managing Director, IIL said that,“The power of Haridra, a key herbal ingredient in ‘Zuspray’ has got quick action in treatment of edematous swellings and other skin lesions. The multifaceted action of ‘Zuspray’ will be useful as a topical application against myiasis, foot lesions in FMD, yoke galls, scabies, eczema, degnella, ringworm and dermatomycosis”.

IIL has forayed into the herbal market with Zuspray. This will expand IIL’s target market by a diversification strategy of entering into the herbal market. In the coming years IIL will plan to enrich their portfolio with few more products related to animal health care particularly the productivity of the animal.

Zuspray is a reliable wound healer for all animals. The product will be available in 100 ml spray bottles across all retail shops in India which caters to animal health products.