Facebook: A New Exposure for Literature

Bhubaneswar: In the traditional era of Odia literature, there was this unwritten rule that only those who belong to reputed families can be heroes and heroines in the field of literature. The common people had no place there. Later on, gradually a revolutionary change took place and all kinds of characters began to fascinate the literature. However, whether in the field of literature or media, many people had been ignored and continue to be so. Not all poets and writers get a place in literary magazines. The tradition of giving priority to influential people in newspapers and mass media continues to be the norm. The lives of common people do not get as much importance and media attention as the life of any famous and established person. Every small and minor incident of a popular figure gets a lot of media buzz. Every human being on this earth is the hero/heroine of his/ her own life. The character lives, incidents in the life of film actors, sportspersons and political leaders are so overtly hyped and made sellable that the life and plight of the common mass get automatically sidelined.

Having this in mind, in the 21 century Facebook has created a revolutionary change in society. Many people are extremely hostile toward Facebook. The poets and writers who do not get their work published by any best-known newspaper or magazine, preferably put up their work on Facebook. This becomes intolerable for the conservatives and so-called gentlemen, so they look down upon these writers and poets. Indeed, the kind of freedom available on Facebook cannot be handled sincerely by everybody. Yet, how far the literature broadcast on Facebook is pure and filled with various emotions can only be realised by regular Facebook users.

The young poets who can make it to the newspapers or literary magazines, use Facebook as a platform to showcase their talent. Sometimes, their writings are so full of varied emotions that such kinds of transparency are rarely seen in the writings of an established writer. It is notable that a piece of writing, photo, video and any such post on Facebook instantly gets so many comments and reactions from different people that this type of opening is never seen in any other medium. In this view, the encouragement and excitement the writer gets here are inexplicable. A lot of conscious people seem to be thinking about Facebook as a medium for self-obsessed people and has no decency. Here people only talk and project about themselves which is the reason the platform comes across as narrow and emotion-driven. As a result, most of the time people turn away from this medium.

However, every human being is hungry for love, affection and acquaintance, so putting out one’s life moments, joys and happiness, sorrow like incidents on Facebook expands the emotions even more. Not everybody is affected by self-promotion and self-praise. They have an equal amount of respect and regard for other people’s achievements as well. This is the reason we see writers and poets from local literary talents to internationally recognised figures promoting their talents on Facebook and other social media sites. Those who can bring forth and help promote the works of other writers and posts through this medium are solemnly accepted and greeted. Currently, considering the popularity accessibility of Facebook many distinguished poets and writers publish their work on this platform and show interest to know its review of the people. This indicates that comments and regards matter equally to both young, fresh and older reputed writers.

Misuse of Facebook occurs when there is an intention of hatred and resentment towards others. It is such a wonderful medium where every post reflects mutual respect and plays a crucial part in constructing a healthy and harmonious environment. It is a revolutionary blaze against the conservative and authoritative people. Those who have an intention of instigating hatred and violence based on religion, language, and geographical borders, do not hesitate to misuse it, they are hindrances to human welfare. So those who use their platform with respect and sincerity are eligible for it.

The kind of unimaginable and healthy freedom Facebook has given us is amazing for the world of science and literature. It is also an excellent medium. promote and retain the culture, heritage, unity, and integrity of a nation. Nationality should never go against humanity. So this medium has helped us bind the world together in a strong bond. Considering the great purpose of Facebook as well as social media platforms, one has to be conscious and responsible to create a healthy and peaceful world.