Ecom Express launches self sign-up portal ‘E-zippie’

Gurugram : Ecom Express, a leading technology enabled end-to-end logistics solutions provider for the e-commerce industry, today announced the launch of its self sign-up portal called ‘E-zippie’. The portal is for micro-entrepreneurs, small business owners, sole-proprietors and home-preneurs, to quickly, conveniently, and securely sign-up for a one-stop-shop for logistics services in less than 30 minutes, a new benchmark for the industry. This move is aimed to simplify the customer onboarding process with the company by enhancing user experience and provide more flexibility in terms of service plan and price selection.

By leveraging the latest banking and identity verification APIs to reduce manual back-end processes and paperwork, the self sign-up portal makes it possible for online businesses to register and start shipping orders instantly. The portal is highly secured by strong authentication protocols and sophisticated access controls.

Commenting on the announcement, T. A. Krishnan, Co-founder and CEO, Ecom Express, said “India has approximately 6.3 crore* small and medium businesses and with the pandemic, the numbers of businesses are increasing every day. Logistics plays a significant role in the growth of these businesses, and we wanted to offer both our digital and logistics capabilities to support them. With ‘E-zippie’, we can fast-track registration to less than 30 minutes against a 10 to 12 days process taken by most players in the market. The self sign-up portal is a major milestone in our effort to provide an automated and seamless experience for online businesses right from onboarding to fulfilling all their shipping requirements. We will continue to enhance customer experience by making logistics simpler and convenient for small and micro businesses, by providing direct control on their shipments and flexibility in managing end-to-end shipment life cycle. Our aim is to help them expand their market access to 27000+ PIN codes, diversify their customer base, and solidify their supply chain through Ecom Express.’’

Ecom Express has leveraged various technologies while building the back end to make the portal seamless and convenient for use. The portal is mobile responsive through which sellers can submit requests at their convenience and which is then funneled directly to the right department that handles the request without any manual intervention or re-keying of information. Once the seller is onboarded, they will get direct control over their shipments to manage distribution through a dedicated state-of-the-art dashboard and customer support to get real-time status and closure on their shipments.

The self-service functionality available through self-sign-up will make a positive impact and the company estimate that the portal will enhance around 100% more sign-ups from online sellers and businesses.

-Odisha Age