COVID-19: Migration of labourers from Bengal is headache for Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The migration of workers from West Bengal is headache for Odisha to tackle the Covid-19 crisis. Though every State is facing the problem of reverse migration in India now . The daily wage labourers from various parts of West Bengal trying to cross the State borders from various way to enter into the Odisha border. And this is giving the state administration sleepless nights.

Generally these workers have very small rooms and very poor access to health facilities and basic amenities.Moreover, West Bengal is having a greater COVID-19 crisis than Odisha.

The fear of joblessness in the lockdown is compelling the migrants to return to their native places.

The assurances of food and shelter by the respective state authorities have come late and the migrants are running out of patience with minimum resources left with them. Also, the comparatively cheaper healthcare of Odisha is another reason why the migrants want to return from Bengal.

Recently, Odisha Police DGP Abhay reviewed the police deployment on the border areas in Balasore district. The DGP also visited the Laxannath inter-state check post and reviewed the police arrangement. He instructed officials to ensure that no one from West Bengal enters Odisha amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government of Odisha has taken several steps to control the spread of Covid-19 for which it continues to appear in Top-2 states of the country, including Kerala. The steps include sealing all border roads, waterways, etc. Meanwhile, Govt had launched a special window for the registration for migrants from other states to Odisha.