BJP louded over the electricity tariff and frequent power cuts

Bhubaneswar: BJP in Odisha is conducting a week long protest against the electricity tariff hike and frequent power cuts in the state. The saffron party starts the protest from 14th July till 20th July informed the party president Samir Mohanty on Tuesday. The BJP party workers are holding the protest in front of all the electricity offices across the state.

While addressing to the media, the party president cited that the power companies are deliberately deceiving the people by doing constant power-cuts and at the same time to increase their burden by hiking the tariff. In this crisis situation when people are struggling to fulfil their basic economic needs the power companies are adding up more trouble for them.

The Odisha BJP party president Samir Mohanty has also showed his resentment over various other issues against the state government. He had demanded a white paper release on the expenditure the state government did with the funds that had been provided for the cyclone restoration after the hit of Fanny and Yaas cyclone. Again, he alleged that the amount of funds the centre had allocated to Odisha is suficient for redeveloping the infrastructure.

On the other hand the state ruling party has claimed by retiating to the allegation that the BJP is shedding crocodile tears where as the electrity prices are much higher in other BJP ruling states like Madhya Pradesh, Karanataka and Uttar Pradesh as compared to Odisha. Adding to that the petrol and diesel prices has risen heavily which is affecting the life of the common people adversely.