Bharat Bandh Deters Normal Life in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Unified Forum of Central Trade Unions has called for a two-day Bharat Bandh opposing several government policies. Many parts of Odisha have been affected by the nationwide protest commencing on 28 – 29, March.

The mobilisation of vehicles and moments of public transportation was halted in different parts of the state during the first hour of the protest, as the protesters were striking at various junction points of both national and state highways.

Other than that running of trains were also deterred as the protesters demanded ‘ rail roko’ at Bhubaneswar as well as the Berhampur railway stations. It is stated by a protester that the string has brought several business establishments and shops to close down. Normal life has come to respite as the bond is against the privatisation of banks and anti-people policies by the central government.

A lot of passengers were found waiting at different bus stops in Bhubaneswar while some of the auto-rickshaw drivers effectively resisted ‘Mo Bus’ at Patia square citing ” If auto-rickshaws cannot run why is the mobilisation of Mo Bus allowed?”

The Petroleum Dealers’ Union has announced that it will not participate in the two-day Bharat Bandh. As there are some fuel filling stations were forcefully closed down by the protesters in Bhubaneswar. However, in other parts of the state petrol pump stations remain open. As their union has announced no patrol pumps will be shut down on the second day of the protest.

Common people faced problems refilling their vehicles and were seen waiting outside the part pumps in long queues and expressing discontent over the closure of the filling stations. Similarly, all the exams scheduled to be held today and tomorrow in colleges and universities have been postponed due to Bharat Bandh.